Youth Employment Services (YES)

youth employment services

What is Youth Employment Services (YES)?

Youth Employment Services (YES) is a youth development initiative that is aimed at empowering the youth by establishing economic opportunities through partnerships with the government and private sector. The program applies a business-centered approach that involves small-medium and large enterprises to solve challenges facing previously disadvantaged youth between the age of 18 and 35.

The individuals that have been successful are placed in with one of their partners as per their qualifications. The idea is to provide the youth with an opportunity to gain practical work experience in their field of study.

Get Started

In order to take part in work experience placements, you are required to register your details with YES.  You will then receive an email to verify and confirm your registration. YES will then continue to send you emails with updates on your registration. Register here.

Be Prepared

YES will continue to look for relevant work experience placements. It may take a while before YES finds a match for you. While this process is ongoing, get prepared for your YES placement by completing the work readiness training modules online here.

Getting Selected

YES will consider all candidates in the area that match the employer’s skills requirements. You will eventually be contacted for an interview with the employer. This part is up to you! You will have to do your best to make that first impression. Remember to smile, speak eloquently and make good eye contact.

Presented Offer

Assuming you were successfully shortlisted, interviewed and selected by the employer, an offer will be sent to you with the work experience placement details. If you agree with the terms, you’ll be required to sign the contract and proceed to work for the organisation you now work for.

Your Placement

You are all set. Now that you have been successfully placed, you will receive a smartphone along with your work duties. Additionally, you will also be required to complete surveys on the YES app. After the completion of your contract with the employer, you will have an updated CV, reference letter and new skills that will help you secure your next job.

Don’t Meet the Requirements?

Consider Giraffe. It is a FREE service that helps all job-seekers find work regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, work experience or qualifications. If you don’t qualify for YES work placement, or if you’re interested in other opportunities, click on the link below and follow the instructions.


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